Barry's Place Atauro


The following activities can be booked through the Front of House staff.


• Boat transport for snorkelling $5.00 per person with a

on the outer reef.     minimum of $10.00 per trip.

• Hire of snorkelling gear  $3.00

Fishing trips    $20.00 per hour (includes fishing gear)

• 4x4 Tours

Scenic Tour 1- Adarameta  $40.00 maximum 8 persons

Scenic Tour 2 Makadade  $80.00 maximum 8 persons

Adara hike (drop-off / pick-up)       $20.00 each way   8 persons

Guided hiking treks   $15.00 full day, per group

• Outrigger boat to Akrema  $60.00 1-6 persons

• Outrigger boat to Adara            $100.00 1-6 persons

(All boat trips, and maximum number of passengers, are weather dependent. Life jackets are provided. Guests are encouraged to take a phone, sunscreen and water.)


Scuba diving trips can be arranged by contacting the relevant dive centers Atauro Dive Resort, Compass Charters, Aquatica Dive Resort or Dive Timor Lorosae. Please visit our diving & snorkelling page for more information.


Swimming The swimming is great directly in front of the lodge particularly in the high tide range when you can avoid the sea grass. There are no recent records of any nasties in the sea around the lodge such as sharks, crocodiles, jelly fish or stone fish. However, care should be taken as there is a strong cross current at times, and guests should not attempt to swim out to the reef – it is a long way back in a cross current! For those who do not want to take the boat to the reef they can view some coral and fish close to the beach on the southern side of the jetty. Other places of Interest. Manukokorek Pasta/Pizza Restaurant and Accommodation. Vegetarian/chicken/chouriço pizza and pasta meals are available. Booking in advance and pre-ordering (at least half a day) is required for meals. – Leocida 77955692 Beloi Beach Hotel – Neyl 7558342l (Best cocktails on Atauro) Trisan House accommodation – Rogerio 77562762 Iti-Muran house rental – Gimar 78398196 There are two churches in Beloi village, one Protestant (AOG) and one Roman Catholic. The Protestant service starts at 9.00 am and the Roman Catholic service starts at 10.30 am, every Sunday. The church is the hub of the community, and very few people work on Sundays. The music and singing in these church services is vibrant and locals welcome any visitors. Tuk Tuk’s for transport to Vila can be arranged and called by our staff in the restaurant area. Atauro now has 19 Tuk Tuks operating and a schedule has been organised to ‘share the love!’Cost is $2.00 per adult and $1 per child each way. (set price)